Solar cycle 25 Shocks Catalog

Catalog description

This catalog provides a list of interplanetary shocks observed during solar cycle 25 by different spacecraft, namely Solar Orbiter, STEREO and Wind. The current list is created by merging two different catalogs:

  • A multi-SC catalog containing IP shocks that are associated with a multi-SC SEP event in SERPENTINE solar cycle 25 catalog.
  • A complete list of IP shocks observed by Solar Orbiter during solar cycle 25.
The original catalogs can be recovered using the filters provided.

A detailed view for each shock is included, depending on the available data (access by clicking on the shock ID).

See the full catalog documentation.

Please cite the catalogs using the DOIs: 10.5281/zenodo.12518015 (Solar Orbiter full list) and 10.5281/zenodo.12518224 (Multi-Spacecraft list).

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